Give a pup a home.

Are you in Christchurch? Would you like to give Nina a forever home? This family’s young lab got accidentally pregnant, and had two pups. The owners are keeping one, but would like to find the other a good home. (They are, however, prepared to keep on training her, and loving her, until the right home comes along). You would need to be an experienced dog owner, with some land. The pup would need some training, and quite a bit of exercise. If you’re interested, email me at, and I can pass your details on to the owner. This is what she had to say:
” They are exceptional little dogs and my 15-year-old boys  have done incredibly well with the 2-hour feeds.Now we have got the pups to the stage of going to the beach: today was Nina’s first swim. They even do a public service because people are so happy to see them – “sooo cute” all the time! They are even helping my mother-in-law cheer up through her encroaching dementia. The power of dogs!
However, Daisy is the most gorgeous little thing: gentle, devoted and smart with a soft, non-shedding version of a labrador coat. The vet thinks she will be smaller and skinnier than a lab. Nina is a little taller and her coat is sleek and shiny, slightly longer hair with possible curls/waves; she is  very smart, very strong-willed. We are definitely keeping Daisy, and wonder whether Nina is  a town dog. We think she has a huge amount of good working dog in her. She certainly needs a knowledgable dog owner. So we are talking to a few people but have not found anywhere for her. That’s ok: we’ll keep on with rearing and trainng her until the  perfect place comes along.
I am thinking I will get in touch with the USAR people down here too: they take older dogs usually but someone might want to have input into a puppy  while we keep her for a year or so until grown.
But if you know of a fine country home down here, do let me know, or have other good ideas. We’re being really fussy, she’s such an amazing pup we would keep her too if we could (and it might be we cave in – get the dogs before the land!) We have a good size section here in St Matins and lots of parks, the river and the hills right by – so maybe.”

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